Pando, Inc.

Building the foundation for your success


“Pando,” the name given to about 43,000 aspen trees connected at the roots. The root system supporting the 43,000 branches is believed to be 80,000 years old. Pando has continued to flourish, despite the passage of time and change. From this wonder, our name was founded.

At Pando Inc., we believe that success is rooted in a strong foundation, a defined culture and measurable expectations to support your corporate goals. We partner with our clients to develop strategic direction and prepare a tactical plan that achieves business objectives. Through executive strategic planning, motivational sessions, and training and development programs, we build a root system that strengthens your talent, and increases your business’ productivity and growth. Our programs are delivered live and online, and all are interactive sessions that instill enthusiasm , while measuring performance and results.

Every program is participatory, reinforced after the session, and measured in the field, using field training , online training and evaluation tools, and motivational recognition programs to keep your team engaged. Your agency will develop, produce and continue to grow after the training session. Your investment should result in measurable returns, and our programs are designed deliver results. We will provide you with the tools to continually measure the knowledge, skills, and objectives you have set for your team.

Pando does not just deliver a process, Pando delivers an active plan that is applied to the realities of your unique business each day.

To cultivate success, you must plant the seeds and feed the root system of your organization, so that each branch develops, and regenerates itself in times of change and transition. We are committed to the growth of your talent and the prosperity of your agency.

We are Pando, Inc., building the foundation for your success.


Overview of Training Philosophy and Programs

Pando Inc. ‘s focus is to help our insurance agency clients develop and implement a realistic, achievable and measurable strategic training plan that impacts performance. We can provide everything from basic industry education, to a full strategic plan.

Based on our clients needs, we evaluate the business objectives of our clients, and assist in defining our clients’ s unique path towards their goals. We examine their mission, culture, structure, plan and tactics. We measure agency performance vs. industry best practices, using The Pando Client Scorecard. The Pando Client Scorecard quantifies current performance in a variety of integral areas, vs. best practices of your competitors. Clients can measure and track their agency value and create a plan to directly impact each area that is important to achieving agency goals. A client might choose to focus on one or all areas of measurement. Results are continually updated to measure and track success. Our planning and training is designed to have direct impact on performance, using individual and overall agency scorecards throughout the training and improvement process.

After initial objectives are achieved, Pando, Inc. continues to measure the progress of our client’s organizational goals. We aim to maximize the efficiency, profitability and core strength of each client’s business by using strategic planning, organizational development, training, tools and technology to deliver results. A client might choose to take advantage of one, or all of our services. We are especially effective in guiding our clients through agency valuation, hiring and team building, agency merger activity, industry changes, market shifts, and product introductions.

Pando provides support based on your agency’s needs. Every client is unique, and so is each training and development program.

Pando Inc. is different from any other training or management consulting company . We understand your business. We offer decades of insurance industry management and training experience. The combined effectiveness of industry experience with training and development expertise makes us an invaluable resource to our clients. We apply field and management experience to the strategic planning and training process.

We offer:

  • Strategic planning guide and tactical calendar
  • Mission and culture motivational sessions
  • Agency scorecard measurement
  • Value statement development, tools, training and evaluation
  • Producer compensation models
  • Client engagement and growth programs
  • Market and competitive intelligence segments
  • Industry knowledge workshops
  • Diversified product training
  • Presentation workshops that motivate your prospects to buy
  • Selling skills for the present and future
  • Your role as a trusted adviser and change agent: what it means to the agency, the producer and the client
  • Technology’s influence on the agency and client
  • Underwriting and financial analysis programs
  • ACA, the basics and beyond
  • Client communication tools and how to use them
  • Customized plans to achieve your goals
  • Continuing education credits

We support your continuous improvement:

  • Field training programs
  • Web based measurement tools and reporting
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • Ongoing management training
  • Comprehensive new hire training

And we use all resources to offer training:

  • Live sessions
  • Online webinars
  • Online training and evaluation tools
  • Teleconference meetings
  • Web based measurement tools and reporting
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • White paper resources
  • Thought leader blog
  • Online client forum to share best practices and navigate challenges’

The Pando Team

Our team offers a powerful and diverse foundation, rooted in the insurance industry. Our experience covers the many branches of knowledge and skills needed to grow your business.

We are professionals in the insurance field. We understand your challenges, your objectives and your dynamic industry. Our team offers the experience, knowledge and talent to take make your business objectives achievable. We have grown through years of change in the